Mounting an EXT3 removable drive for the first time

1 minute read

Since recently using a lot more HD .mkv files, I've decided to switch away from FAT32 (and it's 4GB file limit) to EXT3 (which is a far better choice generally). I took my 320GB USB powered Toshiba drive, plugged it into my pc and using GParted formatted it to EXT3. Great that was easy. Using that same machine I then mounted the drive, and copied a load of files onto it. All seemed well, until...

I later plugged the hard drive into another pc, expecting it to automount. Instead I got a DBus error, "DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed:An operation is already pending". What the hell?

At first I thought it was corrupt, but decided to Google around first. It took me a while I found the fix.

  1. Press Alt + F2, type "gconf-editor" and press Enter
  2. Navigate to apps/nautilus/preferences and untick "media_automount" and "media_automount_open" (leave the screen open after doing so)
  3. Open a terminal window and enter the command...
  4. sudo fdisk -l
  5. From the above command, note down the device path of the hard drive you're trying to mount. In my case it was /dev/sdc1.
  6. sudo mkdir /media/usb-drive
  7. sudo mount -t ext3 -o rw,users /dev/sdf1 /media/usb-drive
  8. You'll have to wait a while for this command to finish, maybe 5mins (it takes about that long with my 320Gb drive).
  9. Go back to gconf editor and navigate to apps/nautilus/preferences and tick "media_automount" and "media_automount_open"

Once all the above steps are complete, you should be able to unplug and plugin the removable device into any Linux based pc. For Windows, you can mount an EXT3 removable drive using EXT2FSD.

Thanks to Mash909 for the solution.