LEJOG - Equipment list (Finalised)

4 minute read

Here's the final kit I took on the trip. It is missing some kit, as group stuff we shared out. This included bum cream, para-cord, medi-kit, lock and portable pump.

In the below picks, all descriptions run from left to right.

Bar Bag

  • Camera (with spare battery)

  • Razor and blades

  • Tissues

  • Rain cover

  • Shampoo, after-sun, razor gel, moisturizer

  • Vaseline

  • Gerber tool

  • Topeak Multi-tool and Chain tool

  • Jimi wallet

  • Hand/body wipes

  • Sowing kit and leeches (puncture patches)

  • Superglue

  • Tyre levers

  • Phone

Rear Bag

  • Rain cover

  • Flip flops

  • Pants

  • T-shirt

  • Trousers (zippable into shorts)

  • Glasses cases

  • GPS charger

  • Head torch

  • Ointment tin

  • Spare brake pads, pen, notepad, socks x2

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, small towel

  • Soap wrapped in scrubber material

  • Plastic bags x4

  • Merino long sleeve top

  • Event jacket (it's just a shell)

Main Bag

  • Tissues

  • Sunblock (20 and 40)

  • Headphones, music players, portable speaker

  • Route printouts (A4 printout, also showing elevation for each route)

  • Electrolyte powders (for mixing with water, 700ml worth)

  • Tickets, hostel membership etc... wrapped in a plastic bag

  • Powerbar energy gels x6

All Packed


  • Seal Skinz Socks - instead of taking overshoes, these socks are a reasonable replacement. They won't keep you as dry, they will eventually get soaked, but your feet stay warm. They take up a lot less space than over shoes.

  • Ointment - a small, pocket size tin of XXX, for any skin grazes, rubbing etc... Generally handy stuff to have

  • Hand/Body wipes - in case we need to get oily and clean the bike. Or especially for lunch stops. I find wiping away all the sweat and dried salt crystals from the skin important in stopping rubbing and damaged skin.

  • Cable ties - just a few of the wire cable ties, handy to have given how little weight and space they take up.

  • Vaseline - replacement for the lipsil. Mainly because I can put it up my nose to reduce hay-fever. The tin, pocket size version you often see girls carrying around.


  • Over shoes - too heavy and bulky to pack. Replace by the seal skin socks.

  • Lipsil - as mentioned, replace by vaseline.

  • SLR - I had originally wanted to take my digital SLR. Given we won't always be stopping to take photos, and most photos will either be  of us, or landscapes I thought my compact camera will be a good enough substitute. I would still like to take my SLR but the size and weight of it make it virtually impossible to do so with the luggage I have.

Fully Loaded

This is what my and my brother's bikes looked like fully loaded with the Topeak bags on...


This part comes after having done the trip. There were a few things we could have done with and without listed below.

Most Valuable Items

  • Bum cream (as we called it) - until you fully condition it's very handy to have.

  • Decent, breathable, waterproof jacket - two of us had one, but one member didn't and it showed.

  • Sunblock - it wasn't hugely effective, but it did work to an extent. When spending 7-10 hours in the sun you have to protect your skin.

  • Hand/body wipes - excellent for cleaning off after fixing a puncture, or wiping away salt around the face at lunch time.

  • Cable ties - generally handy, in our cases used to stop one of the locks unwinding while riding.

  • Ointment - I took a small tin, which proved helpful in the evening for healing any saddle rubbed areas.

  • Seal skinz socks - in Scotland, and also when it rained these were great. Just helped keep our feet warmer and better protected. They're a pain to dry though.

  • Chain lube - we used this every other day, it was needed.

Could Have Done Without

  • Razor - take a disposable one instead, I used mine only once.

  • 3 pumps - we only used 1.

  • 2 locks - we would have been fine with 1.

  • Washing up liquid - used to clean our bottles. All hostels supply this anyway.

  • Insect repellent - wasn't really needed, and we didn't use it.

  • 50ml shampoo per person. We took 100ml, so we only used half of what we took.

Could Have Done With

  • 12 Toothpicks - for cleaning bikes and mainly chains. Odds sticks we found sort of did the trick. Some toothpicks are light and small though.

  • Degreaser - we didn't take this, but I wish we had for cleaning the gunk off the chain.

  • Brake pad blocks - a spare set is worth carrying. Cornwall, Devon and the rain caused us to burn through a fresh set.

  • Foldable fork - for eating, given how many pasta meals we ate for lunch that didn't come with one.

  • Attachable lights - firstly easily attachable ones, but ones that will somehow attach when you have your rain covers over your bags.

  • Sweatproof sunblock - the waterproof stuff just sweats out as you cycle so wasn't very effective.

  • 2 pairs of underwear - taking a single pair for the evening was a bit of a pain. Washing them meant going commando for an evening.