LEJOG - Day 1 (Penzance > Lands End > Penzance)

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24th July 2010 - Our first day. We got up at 7am to catch the train from Paddington at 10am, first class, which was really nice. It cost around £32 as we booked a couple of months in advance. It was well worth it though, standard class was only £4 cheaper, and we got a lot more space. It was generally a really nice train journey. Having never been beyond Exeter on the train, when it went along the coast line it was great to be so close to the see on a train.

We arrived in Penzance to fog/mist and drizzle. The hills out of Penzance on the way to Lands End are a bit of a shock, especially after having been sat in a first class train. It was easiest gear straight away, and we built up quite a sweat with jackets etc... on. The roads were quite pleasant and not busy at all. The fog/mist meant visibility was poor though so we couldn't see the sea, or any real scenery which was a shame.

Lands End was a big disappointment. I had no idea we had to pay to cross a chain put around the sign. I can't remember how much (a few pounds I think), but it left me annoyed. We then cycled back to Penzance along the coast (but couldn't see the sea), stopping in the rather nice Mousehole for fish and chips. We eventually got to the Penzance YHA hostel no thanks to Google Maps not showing the location correctly via post code. It was a very nice hostel, very modern, but had a ridiculously poor amount of cycle storage. Especially given where it was, and the recent refurb. There were only around 5 places (due to the rack system they had) so we had to lock up outside in the rain. They sold beer, so all was ok.