LEJOG - Day 2 (Penzance > Boscastle)

1 minute read

25th July 2010 - One of the hardest days of the whole trip. Mainly because it was our first full day, but also the amount of ascent, and also the steepness of some of the climbs. It was one of the most enjoyable routes though. We set off from Penzance YHA hostel after breakfast at around 9am and were quickly on our way. It was a cloudy start but turned very sunny (high of around 25C). We didn't put on any sun block so got caught out and quite badly burnt which was a problem for a few days. The roads were generally very good, even the country lanes. It wasn't until around 70km that we started hitting really step hills. We even found a 33% hill, the steepest of the whole trip. Prior to it there were hills, but not the unbearably steep ones.

The views along the coast were amazing and well worth the effort. We took lunch at 45km which was a little soon (less than half way). The stopping destination of Peranporth was a big of a let down too. A typical British seaside town, so a little tacky and quite busy. We had a 15min nap at lunch, as we were already feeling tired.

After lunch it didn't get any easier and we ended up arriving at Boscastle YHA hostel at around 8pm, instead of the planned 5pm. This meant we had to rush a little to shower, clean down our gear, and get dinner, and then an early-ish night (11pm). The hostel and town was really nice though. Beautifully kept, it's just a shame we couldn't have got there sooner to enjoy it more. The hostel had plenty of bike space, I think we were the only bikes there, but it could have easily stored a dozen bikes. The down hills in the second part of the day were very steep too, and our brake pads took quite a hammering. We did hit speeds of our 60kph though.