LEJOG - Day 6 (All Stretton > Peak District)

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29th July 2010 - We left All Stretton at around 9am, with a relatively easy day ahead of us. By now the sun (from the first days) had started to disappear and it was overcast, and a little cold in the morning. The high was only around 16C so at 8am it was only around 9C. The roads having left the hostel were excellent. Winding, fast, and picturesque with plenty of trees overhanging the roads. We pushed a hard pace in order to reach Hartington Hostel as early as possible as it was the highest rated (and most expensive) of all the hostels we had booked for the trip. The route was a bit generic, not hugely scenic, or exciting. Still enjoyable though. We stopped at a pub for lunch during a small bit of drizzle. We stopped off in Stone for a pub lunch during some drizzle. It was a nice town, but not as nice as I had hoped given the name.

We arrived at around 4 at the hostel which was perfect (and a time we ideally want to arrive on most days). The hostel bordered on a hotel. We had our own room, and finally got to wash our clothes in a decent washing machine (not the generic coin taking ones, but a properly home-like machine). The drying room too was excellent. We ate dinner at the hostel, which was very good value (sweet talked the servers to give us big portions). We then walked into Hartington do go to the local pub for a quiet beer afterwards.