LEJOG - Day 10 (New Lanark > Loch Lomond)

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2nd August 2010 - After such a draining cycle the day before we had a lie-in and didn't leave until around 10:30. In retrospect we should have still left around 09:00, leaving so late meant we still arrived at our destination late. We cycled clockwise around the outskirts of Glasgow, which to start was quite pleasant. The roads weren't great though, something we experienced throughout most of Scotland, and we got our first puncture of the LEJOG trip after over 1000km of cycling. It was Daryl (we had to fix it in the rain), and it wasn't his last of the day.

Eventually we cut into Glasgow to head towards the Erskine bridge. This was where the trip got a nasty. We passed through some fairly unpleasant areas with busy roads, poor tarmac, glass on the road, and generally not the nicest areas in terms of substance. As we got closer to the Erskine bridge Daryl got another puncture. We promptly stopped and fixed it, only for him to get a 3rd puncture crossing the bridge. We had gone through two fresh inner tubes, and Darly's rear tyre wasn't looking in very good condition. The Erskine bridge was actually quite easy to cross. They've dedicated a whole lane for bikes, and you have a barrier between you and the cars.

Luckily we were close to Dumbarton which had a Halfords. We had to stop to ask for directions. Asking a local young scallie, he directed us via KFC and Asda, brilliant!. We bought Daryl a new tyre, and got it all fitted. We also popped into Asda to pick up dinner as we were within 10km of the hostel. Once across the bridge, there's a cycle path that can be followed. It runs along the canals, and goes virtually all the way to Loch Lomond hostel. I hadn't originally planned it, but it was far better than being anywhere near the A82. The tarmac was brand new too, and we made some good time. Some of the route did turn into a little bit of a dirt track, but we managed on our bikes.

We arrived at the hostel around 19:00. It was one of the grander ones of the whole trip, and worth staying at. While it was great seeing a lot of the larger hostels, I didn't find them as nice as some of the smaller ones like Boscastle and All Stretton. However, Loch Lomond wasn't too bad. It would have been nicer to have got there a little earlier and sat in the grounds, although with the midgies out I don't think we would have lasted long. They seemed to develop a taste for Daryl though which was handy as I just needed to stand near him, and they'd go for him rather than me.

We got in and cooked a quick pasta dinner. Daryl failed to understand the "left or right" game Al and I play when dividing up food. One person splits the food, hands behind his back, and the other person picks left or right. So it's largely chance, but with a few mind games involved. Daryl on the other hand would split the food and just eat it, and as chance would have it, the part he ate would always be the largest.