LEJOG - Day 12 (Glen Coe > Loch Ness)

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4th August 2010 - We set off a little earlier today as Glen Coe hostel didn't serve breakfast. We cycled into Glen Coe but didn't find much in the way of breakfast, so had to make do with a shop and sitting outside on the kerb. Glen Coe as a town was a little disappointing and felt empty, nothing like what I had thought it would be like. We cycled around the lochs there, taking photos as we went, and pushed on up to Fort William to meet my uncle.

The road into Fort William was classified an A road, but was a typical city B road in England, meaning we had to go in single file the whole way. We made good time though as the roads allowed us to push a bit faster. I led most of the first 30km to ensure we'd meet my uncle on time. Fort William was another disappointing town. We didn't see much of it, the pedestrianised high street was nice, but I didn't like the ring road and business park around it. We met my uncle for around an hour over a coffee and got back on our way. Today was the shortest route of the whole trip so we were planning to arrive at our hostel nice an early.

We cycled around Loch Lochy and stopped every so often to go down closer to the loch and take photos. We managed to find a swing overhanging the loch. Al was brave enough to swing out over the loch, although I didn't fancy putting my weight on it. The roads around the loch were nice, although there were always passing cars so we had to go in single file. This made the latter part of the trip a lot less sociable and was common throughout Scotland (and one of the reasons I preferred England).

As we arrived at the bottom tip of Loch Ness it started to down pour very heavily. We picked up some food at a local store, and stood under the trees until it eased. Having got within 5-10mins of the hostel we didn't want to have to dry our kit over night. We were running early too, so had time to spare. In fact so early when we got to the hostel it hadn't opened yet, so we made use of the time by cleaning the bikes.

Loch Ness hostel was ok, everyone got a single room, which was nice but at the same time I missed not being able to talk to the other guys as I could at other LEJOG hostels. The hostel didn't have much around it apart from the loch. We weren't really in the mood for a walk around the loch though, so sat inside catching up with journal entries, and playing cards. We had for the first time arrived at a hostel before 17:00, and ironically it was one of the hostels that had the least to do around it.