China - Further Adventures in Yangshuo

2 minute read

Today we hired bikes once again (for Y5) and headed out of Yangshuo to Moon Hill. In fact Al and I first tried a tandem, both having a go at being on the lead seat, but decided to swap it in for two singles bikes as we were a little wobbly at slow speeds, and the rear person can't see much. Moon Hill is a common place for climbers to go as it's basically a hill with a hole in it, so provides some great arch/incline climbs (grade 12+'s). It is about 25 minutes cycle out from Yangshuo. You have to pay Y15 to enter, but there is a way of avoiding this. As you appoach the main entrance (a right hand turn off the main road... you'll notice it because lots of old ladies will be sat at the side of the road shouting "slow wheel" at you so they can sell you a coke or beer), go past it, and take the next right. It's a road that bends round to the left, after about 30m you should see a stack of bricks against the wall on your right. Hop over them, and follow the trail up until it joins the main path. We locked and hid our bikes in the bushes just over the wall and walked the rest of the way up . Entrance fee avoided!

The views are quite amazing underneath and around the arch of Moon Hill. You can actually get to the top. It's generally safe to walk up, you just need to be sure-footed around some of the sharper bits of rock. Ask one of the climbers, or look for a "no entrance" sign with a trail leading from it near the main view point. We got back by 6pm to return the bikes and had a western dinner (burger and chips) as Al's stomach was playing up a bit.

After dinner we went for a massage at Hanna's. If you find the Showbiz hostel they should be able to direct you there. Al and I went for a "manipulation" massage, basically a traditional Chinese massage done over the full body through clothing. It cost us Y100 together (normally Y160 but her son came in and started misbehaving so she gave a discount) and was great after having been cramped up on the bikes that don't fit us and walking up Moon Hill.