Cycling to Gdog’s - Europe Completed

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The first stage has taken me into (including England god damn it!) 13 countries at a total distance of 3700km, and after going to the F1 in Hungary, buying some Oakley's (to replace my lost glasses) and blowing £180 in a strip joint in Romania... a slightly depleted budget. Having said that, the F1 was an amazing experience, my new Oakley sunglasses led me to buy two more pairs and get them free, and the strip joint will be a memory I won't be forgetting.

Stage awards

  • Favourite Country - Germany, for its cycle paths, beer, food, culture, well preserved cities and crazy/friendly people.
  • Least Favourite Country - Hungary/Romania. Both because of their awful roads (Hungary more so) and the people were a little moody in the cities. Days in Romania were hot and often quite a slog.
  • Favourite Cities - Luxembourg comes out top. It's hard to explain why, but at the time the old-town area was quite amazing to relax and enjoy. Definitely somewhere I could live. Istanbul and Vienna are very different but on a par. Belgrade impressed me hugely (not just because of the beautiful women) as did Regensburg, both pushing Budapest off the top list.
    1. Luxembourg City
    2. Istanbul == Vienna
    3. Regensburg
    4. Belgrade
  • Best Day - Serbia, Ram > Sip gorge road (closely followed by Passau > Grein)
  • Worst Day - Romania. The final day into Constanta. Cobbled roads (5km worth), trucks, 3 line highway. Nasty!
  • Longest Day - 138km
  • Average Day - 93km
  • Top Speed - 65kmh
  • Friendliest People - Romania (in the villages, not the towns), especially the farmers (handing out free watermelons, tomatoes and peppers), and kids.
  • Most Beautiful Women - Serbia (runner-up Romania)
  • Most Aggressive Dogs - Serbia (runner-up Romania)
  • Budget Blown - £3,500! (including my flight to Japan)